Gonda Eight Series

The integrity of what we encounter, recognize, and discover depends largely on the integrity of our approach towards understanding it. It is the quality of looking that determines what we see. For me, each moment seems to hold the simultaneous existence of incompatible things and my work is desperate to understand this paradox on a cosmic and molecular scale. My series of lab slides transferred to silk is a meditation on this idea. Images are originally taken from physical body tissue, dyed and preserved to be read between glass, interpreted through a microscope, presented as a digital image, cropped down and collaged together with hundreds of other images, transferred on to a delicate organic silk fabric, and stretched across a frame. The pieces in this body of work read as ornate, abstract, sweeping movements. Rightfully perceived as ambiguous, decorative, and colorfully marbled canvas, these “paintings” are, in fact, large compilations of both normal and malignant cancerous tissue, genetic conditions, and neurological disorders. I intentionally used contradicting content, processes, and materials to present a seemingly straight-forward surface which, upon further study, reveals itself to challenge our conclusions and hint at a vastly more impenetrable meaning. 

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